Mirena IUD Device Side Effects

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Mirena IUD Device Side Effects

Our National Mirena IUD Legal Team of attorneys, doctors experts and paralegals are actively investigating claims involving the Mirena Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUD).  If you have been injured or feel that you have been victimized by false statements or misleading information and would like to pursue a Mirena IUD lawsuit, please contact us today for a free consultation.

Mirena IUD Device Side Effects Attorneys

The Mirena IUD Medical device is manufactured by Bayer. It was first sold in the United States in 2001. The IUD device is inserted by a medical professional into the uterus in order to provide contraceptive protection for up to five years.  Unfortunately, women have experienced side effects which could include the following:

If you or your loved one has experienced any of the above side effects and/or has had the Mirena IUD surgically removed, you may have a right to a financial recovery. Please call our National Mirena IUD Law Firm at 1-800-722-0765.

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No Recovery, No Fee.

Nadrich & Cohen handles Mirena IUD side effect cases in all 50 states. We handle our cases on a contingency basis. This means that there is no fee, unless we first obtain a recovery. We advance all costs, expenses and fees. If we do not obtain a recovery for you, you owe us nothing for our time, costs, fees or expenses.

By working on a contingency fee basis, the playing field is leveled, enabling you to hire a top-quality, very resourceful national legal team to represent you.


Our National Mirena IUD Team represents clients nationwide. We are actively investigating defective and improperly designed Mirena IUDs.

We are preparing lawsuits against Bayer for this defective IUD device. More than 2 million women in the United States have had the Mirena device implanted. The Mirena IUD has been used by more than 15 million women worldwide.

Mirena is a plastic device shaped like a “T,” which is implanted by a medical professional. Mirena releases levonorgestrel, a synthetic hormone, directly into the uterus for contraception purposes. Bayer has stated that “it is not known exactly how Mirena works,” but states that Mirena does thicken the cervical mucous and uterine lining, thereby inhibiting sperm movement and reducing viable sperm. All of these processes are supposed to aid in contraception and to effectively prevent pregnancies.

The Mirena IUD is marketed as being effective for up to five years. After five years, it is recommended that the Mirena IUD be removed and a new device implanted.

Mirena’s Inadequate Warning Label

Sadly, the label does not warn about the following:

Migration of the IUD device in a spontaneous manner. We are actively interviewing women who have endured a spontaneous perforation of the uterine lining or the uterine wall after device insertion. We also believe Bayer did not adequately test the safety of the device.

The FDA has further stated that Mirena has been linked to ectopic pregnancies.

Nadrich & Cohen is offering free, confidential consultations with Mirena victims and their loved ones. If you or a loved one experienced any of the above side effects, please contact a member of our National Mirena IUD Team at  1-800-722-0765. You may also complete the free, confidential evaluation below. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

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